Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Man, ya just gotta do it. Maybe especially when you really don't feel like it. People did you wrong - you think bad thoughts about them - you hope bad things for them - you never want to look at them again, let alone talk to them.

Go ahead, do it anyway. Look at them, say hello. It breaks the ice. Eventually the thaw will come, and you'll forgive them. More than likely, they'll forgive you, for once not forgiving them.

The people now running the homeless newspaper here in Nashville pissed me off to no end. Really, I don't think I've been so betrayed by people - since the betrayal of my exwife and our subsequent divorce. They purposely tried to subvert me. They are certainly conducting the editorship of the paper in a way that I would not allow, if I were editor - as I once was editor. Still, for what they are doing, the paper is good, better than most homeless newspapers I've seen. I know they are having trouble getting the paper off the ground, as it were. If they were to ask me to come back to the paper, so to save it from its inevitable demise, I would. They would have to apologize to me first, and then I would apologize for saying "F...You".

They may never ask me to come back to a leadership roll in the paper. That's ok. As a Christian of the kind I believe is real, I must forgive these people. I'm working on it. Some of them do attend the same church that I do. There is a point in the service where we are to "pass the Peace of Jesus" to one another. I am compelled by my faith to "pass the Peace" to them as well as everyone else. Jesus wants us, not long to get along, but to live as one in Him.

Slowly but surely, I am communicating with the others. Right now, it's not much more than, "please pass the salt," but it is something.