Monday, February 18, 2008

Quite The Ho-Down

I am currently in the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel, which is attached to the Nashville Convention Center, which is directly across the street from the Ryman Auditorium, the traditional home of the Grand Ol' Opry, and country music.

This lobby looks like a greenroom backstage, with every one dressed to the nines, about to "go on" and put on a show. It's not just the "stars" - the lead singers, mostly women, I imagine by the way they are dressed, and highly attractive and sexually provocative - but their bands are with them too, all in traditional, if not cliche'd apparel - country hair, country mustache, country boots - all looks we've seen before on the T.V. It's not your average 7am look. They could all pass for the real deal. Well, except for one guy in a white pinstriped suit and "tiny tim" hairdo. There's always one weirdo in the bunch.

They are all lined up, now, and signing in at a desk not 30 feet from where I write this. I asked one security guard what was going on, if it was an "american idol" type event. He said he didn't know. Whoops, there's one stage-mom, helping her daughter sign in. It's so funny how people tend to stereo-type themselves, and so willingly. Proper attire is a must. Everyone is having to open their jackets to show the guy at the sign in table. I wonder what would happen if I walked over there. Naw, I better not.

Oh, there's one white guy with some serious dreads - lets she how that goes - they are half way down his back. He did pass an envelope over the table, a phone call is made - he's in. Oh, here it is, Can You Duet?" Clever. A CMT competition. Good luck.