Thursday, February 28, 2008

Witch Hunt Homeless

Witches are bad, and we shouldn't allow them to exist in our society. We must therefore be diligent in removing them from among us a much as humanly possible.

So, how can you tell if someone is a witch? Well, you strap the accused to a chair, and drop the chair into a pond or river. If the person can manage to keep the chair afloat, and not drown, well then, he/she is obviously a witch. Once determined to be a witch they should then be burned at the stake. If, on the other hand, the person drowns and dies, well then, we'll know they weren't a witch after all. Of course they are dead, but at least their innocence is proven.

That is the way things used to be, especially among so called Christians. And this practice of drowning people accused of being witches lasted about 600 years. And I really doubt, during that time, that anyone was ever able to keep afloat.

But, have we, as a society, really advanced beyond such practices?

The call is now on to take away what few services are currently being given to the homeless. The belief behind this idea is that, once a homeless person no long has any services, no shelter, no food, no right to be anywhere, not even in public spaces, like parks or sidewalks, then they will become non-homeless.

Just how far are people willing to go with this idea? Until the homeless begin to die from a lack of food, and protection from the elements? Will it have to get to that point before people realize that it is not the food and shelter given to homeless people that makes them, or keeps them, homeless?

There is certainly no science to back up such notions that denying services to homeless people motivates them to leave homelessness. But then again, witch hunts weren't based on science either.