Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Let's say you live with your parents, and your parents like you, and you like your parents. you get along just fine. But say you decide to go to college in another state, or someplace far away from home. And for whatever reason, you don't have enough money to pay for college, and housing. So, you decide to spend your nights sleeping on the streets, or in homeless shelters, etc., while attending classes.

Guess what? YOU ARE NOT HOMELESS! Don't call yourself homeless. You are a camper, and a very poor one at that. You have a place to go to - so go. If you can't figure out how to be housed while attending school, then school isn't the place for you.

This also applies to other scenarios, like pursuing a music career. As you drive around the country and live out of your car, while playing gigs at different cafe's, yet you can go home any time you want to, then you too are not homeless. Sure, saying so may get you laid, or on a tv show, but in reality you are just a camper too. And you do a disservice to all truly homeless people by lying about your situation.

Same thing if you hit the streets just to see what it's like to be homeless, and so you spend some time in a shelter, or tent city, and all the while you have a home to go to, then you are not homeless, you are just a tourist.

When out among the homeless, be honest about yourself and your situation.


  1. I've been reading this blog from my RSS feed recently (it's one of the only ones I read, incidentally). I love reading your posts and opinions, but there are times I wish you'd fill in all the blanks. For example, did you meet a camper recently which sparked your post or has it just been something on your mind? It'd be great to hear about your experiences in more depth since they are not the Fox news dribble that mainstream society wants to put forward.

    Cheers mate

  2. I just ran across your your blog. I am here in DC and work as an advocate and run one of the outreach programs in the city. I see alot of the campers that you talk about, I know true campers, one who refuse to go inside for fear of losing their valuables, I have spent time with college students who "experience" homelessness for a week. I have not idea what my point is for writing you. I have done this work for awhile now. There have been successes big and small, horrible mistakes, and friends lost. I have never considered myself a softy, but the individual always touches me. Any ideas on how I can do what I do better? Maybe my point for writing you is to break that wall that we are tought not to breach... Whatever the case. Keep doing your best. Keep writing. Hilary.

  3. Wow, that's really a stretch. No one can "do a disservice" to another homeless person just by saying they are homeless.

    Listen, if you have the brains to b.s. money out of people and "order" a are not truely homeless either.


  4. "As you drive around the country and live out of your car, while playing gigs at different cafe's, yet you can go home any time you want to, then you too are not homeless."
    If you want a place to stay, use a hotel, that is what it is for.