Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hey Buddy, Could You Spare A Sandwich?

I'll spare you all the pleas and justifications for my asking, but I am asking, especially during this week, for something to eat during the day. I can get dinner at the mission, breakfast at the mission really isn't a meal. When fasting, a person isn't supposed to look like he's fasting, yeah. I admit, I am often weak of character. Next week I'll be back on track and able to get my own. (thanks to the young lady who helped me out last night, which allowed me to avoid the mission.


  1. I know Nashville Food Not Bombs' website says they share food at Legislative Plaza Sundays at 1:30. I would love to give you some food myself, but am at a loss since I'm in Indiana. I'm all for finding a way to get something delivered to you.

    Through this current headache that's making it hard to think, all I can come up with is the fact I can order Papa John's online and as far as I know they'll deliver to any address. Has anything along these lines worked well in the past?

  2. Kevin,
    Your wish list on your old site no longer loads - how about posting some ideas of local restaurant chains you can get to easily, again? Only reference I could find is to Starbucks - what are some other places?

    Even if you've got food this upcoming week, at least you can tuck gift cards away for when you need them. :)

  3. UK resident says I also would give you a bite of my sandwich or all of it in fact. Take care

  4. Although it might not be an option for everyday, Campus for Human Development's Room in the Inn not only provides supper, but also breakfast and a sack lunch for the next day.