Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The details of the excruciating events leading up to this moment, I'll save for another post. But to let you know, I did move into an apartment yesterday afternoon. It is a tiny place - could fit the entire thing in the living room I had in my last apartment. But my last apartment was 3 years ago. Though while in it, those three years dragged on. But now one step removed, it moved by fairly rapidly. That may be just from the perspective of my advanced age. I'm now 47 years old. How three years can seem like nothing, sometimes!

The location is very good. It is close enough to downtown that I can walk to the library and church. And it is on a bus line, so if it's raining, or I can't walk, for whatever reason, I have that convenience. This little strip of apartments is on the edge of a notoriously dangerous drug infested neighborhood. Yet a lot has been done to clean up the area in the past couple years. Last night people did come knocking at my door at 1:30am. No, I didn't answer it. From what I heard, the last person to live in that unit was dealing drugs. It will take some time before people learn to go elsewhere. I'm not sure what I can do about it in the mean time. Stay away from the apartment myself during those hours, I guess.

Within just a couple of blocks of my place there is a Walgreens drug store, a Krystals, a Sonics, A Burgerking and a Subway. The nearest grocery store is miles away. Cafe Coco is only a 15 minute walk away. Baptist Hospital is closer. The State Capitol building is one mile away.

Looks like I need just about everything for this place. But it's a small place, so I don't need much of everything! The first things that come to mind:

cleaning supplies
mini vacuum
twin size blanket
towels for shower
shower curtain
pots and pans
toaster oven (no microwave oven for me please)
cooking and eating utensils
ice trays
drink cups (large)
water filter
coffee maker
(I can't have any pets)

The living room and bed room are the same room. What I would eventually like to do is get rid of the mattress and get a futon mattress, without the frame. I'd just put the mattress on the floor at night, and fold it up and keep it stuffed in a closet during the day.

And I'd like to hang decorative rugs to hide the ugly walls and for soundproofing.

There is a window with mini blinds on it, but I think people could still see in, so I'd like to put some kind of curtain up, in addition to the blinds. It's a small window.

There is very little storage space, and that may be good, cause I don't want to collect a lot of stuff. I don't plan on being at this place more than a year. But I still need a way to store things - like those milk crates people steal from grocery stores. I could hide a stack of those behind a rug.

Again, this place is small - perhaps only 200 square feet.

Ok, well it's time to go meet with my case manager. She's bringing me some things, though I don't know what.