Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This morning I had 3 more email notifications from PayPal for donations made toward my laptop fundraising. The goal has been reached, and I am very very grateful for everyone who helped out. I can now get back to blogging on homelessness. Thank You.

A Special Note of thanks to the people of Mobile Loaves and Fishes - the Nashville chapter - for responding so quickly to my needs when my backpack was first stolen. They responded quickly with a care package, including lunch, and the very next day with a brand new backpack full of clothes and toiletries. I can't thank them enough.

Twenty people donated a total of $750 to my laptop fund, giving what they could, from $2 to $200. (I was able to put in $300 of my own towards the fund). In whatever way I can, I will return the favor.

Thank you again. I'll let you know as soon as I have ordered the laptop, which one I'm getting, and when it arrives.


  1. Congratulations, Kevin! Glad we could help. :)

    Now how about getting your wish-list back up? While the care package from Loaves and Fishes probably helped, I doubt you've replaced all your clothing, etc. you lost when your backpack was stolen. You should also re-do the list of places near where you're staying that accept gift cards you can use. A lot of people won't use PayPal (I hate it - made an exception for you via a friend ;) but I still hate it) but would be glad to send gift cards for stores or restaurants you can get to easily.

    Maybe even list your sizes (shoes, shirts, pants, jacket/coat, gloves, hats, etc.) and an idea of how much you can easily carry (or store somewhere for future use?) - lots of people doing spring cleaning, getting rid of good clothes/socks/shoes. I know I'd rather send that sort of thing right to you than to some potentially shady charity. Then when you've received as much as you need, you can note that on the list and maybe suggest a good place near you where people could send any excess for others to use.

    One of the biggest "faults" you have, in my opinion, is this continuing reluctance to speak up about what YOU need. I love that you speak up for all homeless, I love that you tell about your experiences, but it drives me nuts that you wait until you're absolutely desperate (anyone spare a sandwich?) before you say, "Hey, I really need..."

    Get that wish-list done, dear one. Make it a priority, huh?

    And for crying out loud - I'm pretty sure our email addresses show to you - EMAIL us if you're going to go hungry again. Don't wait for your regular readers to check the blog - kick off an email appeal. I'd have overnighted you some McDonalds gift cards or some food or something if I'd read that post sooner - and put up a list of places you can easily get to for food!

    My husband and I don't have a huge amount of "spare cash" at any given time, but when we do, I'd much rather give it straight to someone I know is going to put it to good use instead of funneling 10% of it to someone in need through a charity, while the other 90% is paying some executive's 6-figure salary. I know I'm not your only reader who feels that way!

    Oh, and one other thought - how about writing up a list of some foods that you can carry in your backpack for emergencies? I'm thinking small cups of apple sauce, granola bars, fruit cups, that sort of thing - stuff you can keep with you in case another "no food crisis" arises. Last thing you need is to get sick because you're not able to get your basic nutrition needs met.

    Take care of yourself Kevin, please. There are many of us out here pulling for you, anxiously waiting for the day you move into a home again, hopefully for good! You're important to us, ok?

  2. I so agree...even though I live in Canada...and don't have tons of money, I would much prefer to send you a gift certificate, or some clothing etc....I can always get some extra socks, backpack, or send you food through a restaurant etc....

    Do you have a walmart near you, I can always get a walmart card sent to you, that way you can use it for food or clothing or music or whatever you need....

    YES, please put up a wish list again, that makes me feel better, knowing that we can give you what you want or wish for....

    Like the person above, I prefer to give to a person directly rather than an organization....

    I use to work at a homeless shelter and know that it is sometimes and often better to give to a person directly ...which is why I will help out homeless that are panhandling by buying them a meal instead of giving cash to agency.

    YES, please share more about what YOU need Kevin, this would help us , help you...even though readers who do not have lots of extra money, can help you out in small ways to make it a little easier for you :)

    I do not use paypal, but would be willing to help out in other ways.

    Kimberley in CANADA