Thursday, April 10, 2008

Laptop Security

Someone asked about security issues with the next laptop I get.

I have made arrangements with my case manager, so that the laptop would go home with her at night, until I can secure housing, which should be happening within a month if not sooner.


  1. they do also make laptop locks.... if there is a place you could hook it to something. same concept as a bike lock, but hooks into a spot on your laptop (even my one made in 97 had the spot for them).

    also, some of the alarms even have a motion sensor thing that you turn on and it makes a very loud alarm if it is so much as moved.... might be a good purchase to use for your bag in general even without a laptop in it, or even without it being hooked to anything stable.

  2. example

  3. I hope your housing situation changes soon so that your computer gets to go home with you

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