Friday, April 11, 2008

More Questions About Laptop Security

I am most tempted to use a Dell computer because they are based here in Nashville, and so service is quick, and fairly reliable.

At the rescue mission, there are lockers that a person can rent, but there are a couple issues with them. First, the lockers must be rented, and though they are fairly cheap, I do not always have money to pay the monthly rent. And if you don't pay the rent, you will be evicted from the locker and your things will be thrown away. I have had a locker at the mission in the past, a couple times, and that has happened each time. Also, many people have complained that someone has been getting into their lockers and taking things. I don't think that ever happened to me, but mission staff and certain program men can get access to the lockers whenever they want to.

The mission also, does not allow anything to be locked onto the property, onto fences, or whatever. Even people with bicycles are not allowed to chain them up anywhere, and there are no bike racks available. Given the potential for theft, many homeless who may have an opportunity to get a bicycle opt not to, because of the risk. I personally don't understand why the mission does not provide bike racks. There is plenty of space in the parking lot to have them. And as for transportation for the poor, you can't beat a bike. So many jobs available to homeless people are not on bus routes, and are some distance from the mission, and so bikes would be the perfect solution to that. As I know that the rescue mission administration reads this blog, (Hi Don) I hope they reevaluate their current policy of bikes. Heck, if I knew I could safely lock up a bike, I'd get one myself.

So, of course, if they won't let people lock up bikes on the property, they certainly would not let me lock up my laptop to the building either.