Wednesday, April 9, 2008

No Laptop No Life

Please, Good people of the Internets and beyond. What a horrible thing it is to be without a laptop. Since my laptop was stolen Sunday night, I've been gaining internet access only through the public library, on their very restricted computers, being allowed only one hour at a time, and having to compete with many others to get that one hour.

My computer is my life - yes, I had no life before computers - to be sure. It was access to the internet that has allowed me to overcome so much of my social anxieties. And still, most of my socializing is done via the net.

And my life's work, that of being an advocate, telling the world about homelessness, is something I can only do online. I don't have much value to society outside of it.

Since I began blogging, some 5 years ago, I have enjoyed the generous support of my readers - as they have graciously donated laptops to me when I was in need. As they upgraded, they have passed on their old one's to me - four laptops in the past five years. Yes, I am very happy to get any ol' hand-me-down.

The last computer I had was strong enough that I was able to access the virtual world of I was instantly amazed with SecondLife's potential, especially as vehicle for change in real life. It lends itself so well to educational and informational uses. Even the Nashville Library system can be accessed via SecondLife. I'm sure it won't be long before SecondLife is as popular as MySpace. It would be good to get established there, before their real population explosion hits, which I think is still yet to come.

The types of laptop computers that can handle SecondLife are faster than normal, and are then usually more expensive. That is why I believe I'll have to purchase my next laptop - as I'm uncertain that anyone would just give away such an item - even to a homeless advocate.

So I'm asking, really I'm begging, for support, for donations, for any help at all at raising the funds necessary for me to get back online, and get back to my advocacy work.

The kind of laptop I need, new, would cost between $1500 and $3000. Gee, that does sound like a lot. But I'm hoping, really really hoping, and crossing my fingers, etc, that I do have enough social clout with people on the internet to raise enough, in a short period, so to get a laptop. My blog enjoys over 10,000 readers a month. If just 10 percent of those people sent in 3 dollars each, I'd be able to get it.

Trust me, I really don't like begging, or cyber panhandling, or whatever you would call it. But I'm really desperate for this cause, and so am willing to abase myself in this manner, to make it happen.

You can send donations by clicking on the donation button on the righthand column. And you don't even need a PayPal account anymore, a credit card will work just as well now.

thank you for putting up with my pleas for help, and thank you for helping.