Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Question Of The Day

So a new reader writes: "I want my donation to be a gift that lets people know they matter to God...what does that gift look like?"

That gift looks like you. As God has let you know that you matter to Him, so you should reflect the same to others, especially to the widows, orphans, homeless, anyone in need.

Find just one homeless person, and invest all your talents and resources in him or her. Befriend that homeless person. Let that homeless person take advantage of all you have to offer, (without it becoming abusive). Bake a cake, make a sandwich, knit a scarf, buy an umbrella, and present these gifts as you sit down with your homeless friend and talk. Talk about the weather or politics or life, or whatever - to the extent your friend wishes to engage you - and listen with an open mind and heart.


  1. I have in the past taken under my wing many homeless people (teens) that I knew. I got great pleasure from given them advice that home was the best place to be than on the streets.

  2. Racy, we often provide temporary shelter to some of my son's friends. Things don't always go well, but it's better than having them on the streets. Especially the "female types."

  3. Kevin,

    Sorry for not actually stopping by your site recently. I have your post in the google reader, but I hadn't actually came to the site recently.

    I really like the new design! good work.