Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Should I Title Every Post "Homeless"?

Finally, I see my blog, of the blog*spot variety, the one you are now reading, has finally appeared on Google's search engine - currently in the 5th slot on the second page. Perhaps now I'll start working up the chart again. It would be nice to be back on the first page. (It's not an ego or vanity thing, I assure you ;0)

I received an email confirmation from Dell that my laptop did in fact ship yesterday. Being that Dell is located in Nashville, it shouldn't take too long - Dell has a plant somewhere in Texas too, don't they?

Lots of homeless people have come down with a cough or the sniffles the past couple days, it could be a new cold bug making the rounds, or it could be Spring time allergies. There are holes in some of the shower areas in the mission with LOTS of mold showing. At least the mission has made toilet paper more accessible. A could days ago, several of those large paper roll dispensers were mounted onto the walls near the toilets - the dispensers were removed from the actual stalls shorty after the mission opened. Some homeless people are not very responsible with the supply of TP and so ruin it for the rest of us.

One thing that happened "to" me as a result of living in the rescue mission, is that I was exposed to TB, and now have the germ in me. I don't have active TB, but I always test positive. And yes, I tested positive many years ago. I tried getting on the medication for it, but could not keep up with the pills. Now that I will soon be in a more stable place, and have a case manager who is always on my case, I should be able to keep up with the program.

As I should be getting into a place, and though the rent will be subsidized, I will still be responsible for $150 a month. I will attempt to get part time work, but that is still an iffy thing. There are many ways to earn money on SecondLife.com, but from what I've read, only 2 percent of the total population of SecondLife earn a positive flow income every month. Still, I'll have lots of time to dedicate to learning the ins and outs of SecondLife - more than most people - so, I'm going to give it a shot. But I'll still have to depend on Paypal donations for a while.

There is a way to make subscription style donations through Paypal - like a magazine subscription, as you set it up once to make monthly donations. I've not done that before - we'll have to just see how that goes.


  1. I don't recommend SL for income. Trust me, you'll put far more $$ into it then what you'll get in return. Been there, tried it... plenty of time to work at it, too. Why not visit chacha.com, click the link "become a guide". While not a huge amount of money it is a much better avenue then SL income.

  2. Couldn't you have paid for about 8 months of subsidized rent with the money you spent on the laptop? It seems like that would be sufficient time to work with a case manager and find meaningful employment.

  3. Good hinesite there bravenec,
    It is interesting what people are willing to help out financially with, and what they won't. And perhaps they will help out some with both. But the laptop was the more immediate need, and so was dealt with first. Besides, I foresee having to pay most of my rent by myself. Still if people want to help with that, I'd be very glad for it.

    I think people were so willing to help out with the laptop because they see the value in my work on the Internet, and want to help keep it going. When the laptop arrives, I'll be able to do much much more than I am now - having to struggle to find free computer time at the library or cafe.

  4. Kevin. You deserve to be homeless if you can't prioritize money to go to shelter and food while spending it on a fancy new laptop.

    Computers, cell phones, gadgets, etc. are things you buy when you can afford them after paying for necessities. How old are you now?

    It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

  5. Matt,
    to help you understand the concept better, know that I have always had that paypal link on my blog. If people wanted to send me money so that I could live in shelter, they would have, but they don't. But, when I ask for money for a laptop, people send money. Again, they do so for the reasons mentioned in my previous comment. Now, it would be extremely unethical, and straight out rude, for me to take that money and use it on shelter, when people gave it to me for another reason.

  6. I would like to add something here. I used to get more comments like these. And I'm glad that I don't. It's such a waste of time arguing with people who don't really pay attention to the details when they criticize they way other people live. They are full of judgement of others without knowing the facts.

    And there are some facts that should be known about this situation with my laptop. One, the laptop helps me keep my sanity, and helps me to overcome my social anxieties - social anxieties are what cause me to become homeless. And, I can make more money with a laptop than I can without one. So, really, my future depends a great deal on me having a computer and being online.

    Besides all that, my blog educates people about the realities of homelessness, and inspires them to get involved in the cure of homelessness - all of which indirectly helps me as well.

    Spending a little money on a laptop is well worth it for me, and for everyone else too.

  7. Kevin,

    Your comment ("If people wanted to send me money so that I could live in shelter, they would have, but they don't. But, when I ask for money for a laptop, people send money.") is interesting. I wonder why ti is that people are more willing to pony up for a laptop than a place to sleep? I honestly had not considered that this might be the case.

    That said, I'm not sure I agree with your statement that you can make more money with a laptop than without. I am sure you are already aware that very few bloggers make more than minimum wage. I must admit to curiosity as to what your plans for the laptop are.

  8. thanks John,
    In the past 26 years, I have 13 years of homelessness under my belt. And I have been blogging about it for the past 5+ years.

    that's a lot of information in that time - and is not easy gotten through. I need to create another FAME page - like a FAQ page, but not all info is frequently asked for - so I came up with Facts About ME, or FAME.

    Hopefully, such a page will help people get a better understanding of what's going on here.


  9. I should think that investing one's money into a tool to keep doing important advocacy, as well as a source of future income, can certainly make more sense than sinking a "handout," as some people would call it, into rent and then having that money gone, and no real source of income other than asking for more.

    Re: online income, chacha.com has already been mentioned. There's also helium.com; who knows what you could make by freelance writing there? You most certainly write well enough. Better than most of the writings on homelessness I've seen there. I've been wanting to give writing for Helium a try, but haven't yet made the time.

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  11. Dear John and Matt,

    As one of the people who gave Kevin money specifically for a laptop, how about you come take me on instead of jumping on Kevin?

    I work my ass off to earn the money I make, and it's up to ME to decide how to spend it. I decided to spend some of it on Kevin's new laptop. That was MY choice, and the choice of everyone else who donated to the cause. Just as it is MY choice if I choose to give him money towards paying his rent.

    Kevin asked for help getting a laptop, specifically. He was honest about what he wanted the money for and where it would be going. We who donated chose to do so knowing where the funds would go - and I'd guess others donated for the same reason I did - we think Kevin's blogging is of value.

    Since you did NOT donate, what business is it of yours where OUR money is spent? If we're satisfied with the way our money is used, that's all that matters. How about you spend more time worrying about how YOUR money is spent instead of worrying about how OUR money is spent? In fact, how about if you send me copies of your bank and credit card statements so I can critique what you're spending money on? After all, if my finances - or Kevin's for that matter - are your business, it's only fair your finances become our business, right?