Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Trash Talking The Homeless

If you were to believe the reports, (and not question the source or motivation behind them) you would think, when food is given to homeless people downtown, that the resulting trash created is phenomenal. I even heard the pastor of the church I attend repeating that little fib. He was using it as an excuse to not feeding the homeless while the church's fellowship hall is being replaced.

Well, as common sense would tell you, any event like that would cause trash, some of which would escape the clutches of trash cans and become litter. When it's an event for the benefit of the homeless, the non-homeless people get all up-tight and out-raged. Trash was one of the excuses made for running the people, bringing food to the homeless, out of downtown.

Now, this past weekend was a weekend for the Developers, Nashville Downtown Partnership and Urban Residents Association. They had one of their, "come and see how cool downtown is and buy a loft" events. People actually bought tickets for the right to tour through the different buildings selling lofts. (Right there's got to tell you these loft buyers aren't so smart.)

Anyway, the event was all weekend. And Monday morning, guess what was found? Yep, TRASH. So where's the upset-ness? Where's the call from the Urban Residents Association to have this event closed down? Nope, Nada, aint gonna happen.

Poop is another related issue. People complained, (and I understand their point) that homeless people were pooping and peeing down alley's and other public places. And this was another excuse for trying to run all homeless people out of downtown.

So, what's happening now? These new urban dwellers are walking their doggies all over town, and letting them poop 'al fresco'. Some people do pick up after their dogs, but their are more and more who are not. Talk about bad form!

If we are going to outlaw homelessness, can we not also outlaw hypocrisy?