Saturday, May 10, 2008

Is Tommy Longaberger Nuts?

The people who cause problems for the homeless have problems themselves. They obsess over the smallest interactions they have with the homeless. A look, a question, (buddy can you spare a dime?), being on the same side of the street, just existing. Why these people totally freak out, when even considering the homeless situation, is beyond me. But, they do. And they aren't your normal crazy people. They are supposed pillars of the community, business men, lawyers, doctors, church pastors, etc. Oh, and they will be vocal about their concerns over the homeless. They want everyone else to be just as upset about homeless people being in "their" city as they are. They will go to extreme lengths to spread their prejudice against the homeless. They will call their mayor and city council, they will bend the ear of their police chief, they will attend community meetings, and even talk disparagingly about the homeless in their churches.

Tommy Longaberger is one such case. Recently, his claim of being assaulted by a homeless man was turned to mince meat - the homeless man was quickly found not guilty at trial by jury. Most homeless people, though, are not so inclined to fight such charges This only exasperates the plight of all homeless, and encourages crazy people to keep up the harassment of the homeless.

While the case was ongoing, Tommy Longaberger even created a web page, trying to "try" the case in the public webosphere. I didn't learn about this page until the Nashville Scene article ran recently. It is mentioned in a previous post here.

Well, you can find it the following links. Please click on them and read the hysterical-ness of Mr Longaberger, and his exaggerated claims. Notice the particular claim that Steve Reiter had "fire coming from his eyes" just before he supposedly attacked Mr Longaberger. This is the kind of crap homeless people have to deal with on a daily basis. It only makes life for the homeless more difficult. it makes getting out of homelessness almost impossible. Why in the world was he writing all those long letters? And why did he make them public? (Me thinks he doth protest too much!) In at least one of the letters, Mr Longaberger, a lawyer calls me a felon. A Felon? No, I am no felon. In another, he says I have TWO stalking convictions. That is also a lie. Isn't that defamation of character? Should I sue him for it?

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