Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tokyo Dreaming

Tokyo Dreaming is a very interesting article about a segment of the Japanese population we in the States would call homeless. These people, who cannot afford homes but are constantly working, are able to find a way to not live, or sleep, on the streets. At least they are afforded some level of respectability. Something here in the USA we do not do. As "advanced" as the USA is compared to other countries, as far as creature comforts, the one thing we lack here is a general respect for other people. For being so "free," we Americans are the most judgmental and social status conscientious people. We are certainly the quickest people at deeming others as unequal to ourselves, and thus undeserving of our respect.

In the above article you'll read about homelessness from a different perspective, in a different culture. It could change the way you see homelessness. Please, read the article, I highly recommend it.