Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Couple Random Thoughts

There are two basic methods people use for surviving this world. One method is to work towards shaping the world to fulfill their own desires. The other method is to shape themselves to conform to the worlds desires. Successful people are constantly working to form the world in their own image. Unsuccessful people are always trying to conform to the desires of others. As a wise man once said - "If you want to be successful, do what successful people do."

People working the homeless industry will often talk about "justice." Almost like they believe it to be some magical word - a trump word - that justifies their work. To them every issue homeless people face is a justice issue. They believe that if justice were provided to homeless people that people would no longer be homeless.


The reality is, there is no justice in the world - not for the homeless, not for the homed - not for the poor, nor the rich. What the rich and homed people enjoy over the poor and homeless is not a bigger share of justice, but more control over their own worlds. When O.J. Simpson got away with murder, twas because he was wealthy and had very good lawyers to do his bidding, it wasn't justice that saved him. Justice is a thing to strive for, and ideal to consider when determining another person's fate. But there is no real thing as justice. The successful people of the world know this, and so they do not wait for justice to set them free from what ever bondage they may be under - instead they use their influence to create a world by which their fate is not so much determined by others. And that sets them free - that is, if they are successful enough. Justice does not set a person free - but the concept does manipulate people into conformity to other people's determination of their fate.


  1. I think in OJ's case, it was more of an arrogant and complacent prosecutor's office that got him off. His "dream team" lawyers helped, but all they could do was what any competent attorney could do — seize the openings left by the other side. If the prosecutors had done their jobs properly, no lawyer could have got OJ off.

    What I'm saying is, sometimes success comes through the failure of an opponent.

  2. If it was a homeless man being charged, and having only public defender - I think the homeless man would now be on death row.

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  4. Kevin,
    I appreciate your spin on justice; it is all in the eye of the beholder. As its the first time on your blog, I wonder: you seem to distance yourself from homeless folks who passively blame injustices. Do you strive to be on the grid of homes, steady income, etc. or are you at peace with your situation? Do you feel trapped in the market gone mad or do choose to stay clear of the middle class commercial madness that runs the world?

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  5. The only way I seem to be able to survive - that is to keep myself from going completely nuts, is to take a Zen kind of approach. In "American" terms, I try to a state of not having a dog in the fight. It is the only way to see all sides more clearly. I very much want to represent the truth. Of course, when I state what I believe to the truth and it runs counter to someone else's perception, it can still piss them off. And it may look to them as if I am against them. Well, I'm not going to sacrifice what I believe to be truth just to appease these people. And so, for all my effort, I guess I still have a dog in the fight - but it's a dog that takes no sides.

    Dang, that's more of a mess than I wish it were.

    Still, it keeps me from losing my mind, or otherwise feeling like I've sacrificed my ideals for selfish gain.

  6. Exactly… public defenders, even (especially) if they want to be helpful, are far too overworked to properly represent anyone with more than a misdemeanor charge.

    The question is, in the case of a homeless person committing murder, would it even get to trial if the victim were also homeless? There could well be an attitude of "let 'em weed each other out."