Thursday, July 17, 2008


I tried to download a free malware protection service - but come to find out - it was malware - came up on the very front page of a google search at the top in the advertisements!!!!

WEll, now I've got windows popping up continuously on the computer while I try to work. And the thing moves a lot slower now.

I don't have money to pay to fix it - so this thing is now a very expensive piece of plastic and wire crap.

Can anything go right?

Will there ever be an end to evil?


  1. Kevin:

    This tool is very very GOOD, and FREE.

    I use it all of the time, and it works great. Also try this and download ccleaner it removes alot of CRAP you don't need. Temp Internet files and cookies, etc...


    Hope it helps out. Let me know.

  2. Ok, here's the list of things I'd suggest, to fix this problem for you. (and, they're what I charge my consulting clients for, when they have this problem)
    1. Download and install AVG free antivirus protection.
    2. Download, install, and run Spybot S&D.
    3. Download, install, and run Ad-Aware SE Personal.

    Those three tools, taken together, will give an acceptable level of protection against spyware, malware, viruses, and pop-ups.

    Good luck with your problem!

  3. AdAware is a good anti-spyware program and AVG Anti-Virus is a great free virus scanner.

    I used both for years on my home pc.

  4. Kevin,

    Go download Spybot S & D -

    Also do a scan with Trend Micro's online virus scanner, HouseCall -

    And get yourself something like Avast -

  5. there are a lot of websites that have how to's on getting rid of malware. I barley use my spy ware programs and don't even have an anti virus. Firefox, smart surfing and being wary of anything i have to download have save me innumerable times. Plus it's free.. just requires a bit of time.

  6. Sorry to hear that. There are some good programs that might work to get rid of whatever is on it. One of these is called Spybot, You need to install it and then run it.

    If that doesn't work you might need to reinstall Windows. Did it come with some disks? Doing a fresh install is not that hard. But you need to do the install right over the top of the old windows.

    Maybe you can ask some local geek to help you if you can't do this yourself.

    Good luck


  7. Get avast! Anti-Virus, Spybot Search & Destroy, and see if that will nuke it. Both programs are free, run under Windows (you use Win, right?).

  8. Hi,
    Take your computer off the internet, and then try this it may help
    Remove Adware and Spyware Manually

    Some pieces of adware or spyware have their own built-in uninstaller (though most won't advertise this fact), allowing you to eliminate them in the same way you'd remove any other program. Since this is by far this easiest way to get rid of adware and spyware, you'll want to check for an uninstallation wizard before you take a more time-consuming approach.

    First, navigate to Windows' Start Menu and select Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. A pop-up screen will appear, listing all programs installed on your computer. If you know the name of the pest you're dealing with, look for it in the list; if you find an entry for it, hit the Remove button. If you're not sure of your enemy's name, browse the list for any unfamiliar programs. Before you remove any suspected piece of adware or spyware, type its name into Google or another search engine to make sure you're not deleting a useful or necessary program. Spyware Encyclopedia from Computer Associates is also an excellent resource to tap when researching adware and spyware.

    If the aforementioned method fails, continue your search for an uninstaller by heading to Windows' Start Menu and selecting Programs, which will also list programs on your computer. Again, search for the adware or spyware component by name, keeping an eye out for programs that you don't remember installing. When you have located a suspect, mouse over its name to see if it includes an uninstaller (some programs will make you access a drop-down menu to see all of your options).

    Finally, you'll want to check for an uninstaller that may be buried from plain sight on your hard drive. In Windows Explorer, browse to your computer's C drive, and then open the Program Files folder. If you know the name of the adware or spyware application you want to eliminate, look for a similarly named folder. If you don't have any idea what the application is called, sort the folders by date (right-click Arrange Icons By > Modified) and look for recent additions.

    If you happen locate a suspicious folder, open it and look for a file named something like "uninstall.exe". This file will usually remove the offending program, but before you click it, do some online research to make sure you're not uninstalling a crucial system component.

    After you've uninstalled the potential offender, restart your computer and check for suspicious behavior such as multiple pop-up ads or redirected search engine results. If your computer still has issues, it's time to scan your machine for viruses, Trojans, or spyware using a specialized piece of software

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  10. In answer to that last question:

  11. Download Adaware from It will remove the malware and get your system running again.

    After you run adaware, try running Spybot Search and Destory as well. It will help do a double search of your system.

  12. Yep, there'll be an end, but you might want to download and install Spybot Search and Destroy to get to it. It's free. I've used it in many computers over lots of years. I vouch for it highly.