Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The God Of Money

Now, many if not most people, when conjuring up an image of a God of Money, would consider that God to be sinister if not out right Diablo - the Devil. But a strange thing happened at a Bible study I attended last Friday, where this Christian man of God - an associate pastor of a Presbyterian church declared that God is a Capitalist.

Crazy? Yeah, you bet. Worse, he defended this idea only with what he himself had observed during the past 20 years. He said this because, from what he's seen, life has gotten better for people in the past 20 years. He made no use of actual scientific economic studies. He is, though, an employee of one of the most affluent churches in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the country. I seriously wonder if he's spent any time with actual poor people. He does brag of rubbing elbows with extremely wealthy people.

Funny, he didn't always have this point of view. Only in the past 4 months or so has he converted to "the other side." Sadly the bible study is only a half hour long. Because, I would certainly like to pick his brain some, and try to understand his point of view, and how he came to this conclusion.

Maybe we'll be able to talk more about it this coming Friday.


  1. Kevin,

    It saddens me that the powerful gospel of Jesus, the same one that led first century believers to share all that they had so that no one was needy, has turned into "Blessed are the rich." Has it not? What else can we possibly mean when we declare how much God has blessed us with financial security and wealth?

    Blessed are the rich.

    If only Jesus had ridden into Jerusalem in a Jerusa-Limo...

    (hahaha...ahem. my apologies.)

  2. That's just wrong. But at least he's willing to admit it. So many people in our country live by those beliefs but are unwilling to come out and say it or in many cases admit it to themselves.

  3. I'm not sure if God is a capitalist
    but I'm sure he's not a Communist.
    It's really not the guy's fault if he's rich any more than it's yours or mine if we're poor.When Jesus gave his disciples a measure of Spirit and told them to trade with it,he used money as a metaphor for
    spiritual riches.I don't think he actually cared too much about anyone's bank account whether it be a la Bill Gates or non existant.