Monday, August 18, 2008

The Surge Failed - You Morons.

All that happened from "the surge" was to cause the bad guys to move their war against America to Afghanistan. Remember? Things are heating up in Afghanistan. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what's happened here. Have yet another surge, this time in Afghanistan, and you'll see things heat up yet again in Iraq, or another country of the bad guy's choosing. Now we get to play even more hide and seek with these evil doers. And Bush's wish for an endless war will be fulfilled.


  1. You say you are finding it hard to connect with your children. Have you tried writing them regular letters, or emails? It could be useful. Even regular emails. I thought in this day and age it would be easy to stay in contact.

    regarding 'the surge', why not have a surge in both countries? then where would they go?

    It is good you are making money in second life. How much do you make a day there? Just wondering. You could recommend it as a way to make money to other homeless people as well. Also, are there homeless people in second life?

    Depression is pretty bad stuff. No offense, but you look overweight. Try exercising and eating less. They say exercise is good for depression. Even a twenty minute walk a day would help you a lot.

    Interacting with people is also good for depression, like on this blog. It is good you turned comments back on.

  2. Well, I don't know my children's home address. My wife moved and didn't give me the new address - changed their phone number and didn't tell me. All of which is against the divorce rulings. I don't have a way to challenge her in court over it.

    Since I don't have a car I walk every where I go. And everything is at least a mile away from my place so I get at least two twenty minute walks a day. That is, unless the depression is bad, and then I'm sleeping a lot.

  3. And for the surge. We can barely afford one surge, where would we get all the people for all the surges that will be necessary to end all evil in the world? A draft? Will we finally become nothing but a military state? That's what Germany was just before WWII.