Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taylor Swift And The Homeless Guy

Taylor Swift Reads The Contributor, Awesome!
Look who bought The Contributor from me today! Taylor Swift.

If you don't know who Taylor is, I must ask, 'how long were you in your coma?"

Anyway, she was really nice for tolerating my goofy self when I asked if I could take this picture. As she waited at the light, I ran back to my backpack to get my camera, ran back to her car, just in time to snap this pic at the very moment her light turned green.

I am honored Taylor. Congrats on all your success.
added: 4/14/2010 ~ Fans of Taylor Swift. I will be participating in a walkathon to raise money for homeless charities on April 17th, this Saturday.  If you are so inclined, would you sponsor my walk? All donations would be greatly appreciated, and I'd be sure to give Taylor the credit.  You can donate online at: https://www.thekeyalliance.org/profile/userprofile/TheHomelessGuy  Thanks! Kevin