Thursday, August 19, 2010

A New Subtitle

For years my subtitle to this blog has been "There is more to homeless people than being homeless." It has served me surprisingly well. But now this blog is making a shift in direction, or really, I am.

For many many years my efforts have been focused on showing people the realities of homelessness, of breaking the stereotypes that plague the homeless. Now, I am going after the institutions, and the institutionalized thinking that perpetuates homelessness. For so long I have thought about the walls dividing the homeless and the non-homeless as attempts by society to keep the homeless out, excommunicated if you will, from the rest of society's many and great doings. But now, I see these walls, not as keeping the homeless out, but of keeping the homeless in, corralled, in a jail held and kept segregated from the rest of society.

My intention is now to draw attention to this metaphorical, and often literal, imprisoning of the homeless. And to work towards tearing down the walls that keep the homeless away from the rest of society.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blogger Stats

Now Blogger offers a stats page... About time!  Interestingly, outside of the United States, India is my largest readership.

Doctor Of Homelessness

The people who are homeless, the downtrodden and worthless, are broken people. Yet they can be healed of their brokenness. We have hospitals to heal people with everything from the flu to broken bones to cancer, yet he have no hospitals for healing the brokenness that causes homelessness. We don't tell the man with a shatter femur that if he really wanted to walk, he would. We get him to a hospital, have a doctor look at him, we set the bone, and then we allow him time to heal in a safe environment.

To cure homelessness, to end the overflowing of homeless shelters, to keep our streets free of human debris, we must start thinking of homelessness in a different way.

Friday, August 6, 2010


I have heard it said that "indifference" is the biggest obstacle to social progress. I, of course, tend to disagree with that idea. People who are truly indifferent do not create obstacles to social progress. It is also erroneous to assume that when a person does nothing that they are being "indifferent." Often it only takes the act of doing nothing to promote an agenda.