Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fair Is Fair

Liberals, what do they want? Fair monetary compensation for work and sacrifice. The conservatives negatively label this as "distribution of wealth." What's at the heart of this? Businesses, and corporations know that a great deal of their wealth comes from not being fair in their dealings with employees, and others. When forced to be fair, businesses and corporations know that what results is a redistribution of wealth. They want to keep all the wealth for themselves.

I think what is more important is that people who work should be adequately compensated, not only for their efforts on behalf of their bosses, but also for the sacrifices they make for their jobs. 40 hours a week, week after week, year after year, is a good chuck of one's life to dedicate to a job - time away from family, friends and personal pursuits. For their work and sacrifice, people should be paid at least enough to afford a decent home, decent food, and the ability to see a doctor when they become sick, so that they be healthy enough to keep working.

If your job has been shipped overseas, if you cannot afford even your most basic needs, if you cannot afford your electric bill, if you cannot afford good healthy food for your family, if you cannot afford to take your sick child to doctor, then thank your conservative Republican politicians for that. Republicans work to keep the wealthy people rolling in dough, while you go without.