Monday, December 10, 2012


I've been inside all day so didn't notice until just a few minutes ago.   Got on my bike to ride the two miles home.   It's 37 degrees outside with a strong breeze.  Quick, here's what you do.   Go to your linen closet and pull out all of the old blankets you don't use anymore.  Yes, all of them.  Next, call a couple of your friends and tell them to do the same.  Seriously, there's not much time!   As soon as you are ready, go pick up your friends, with your several blankets, and drive around town looking for homeless people.  Check out the bus stops and near liquor stores and parks and wherever there are benches for the public.  You will find homeless people in metro areas and in suburban areas too, like shopping centers and malls, behind Walmarts and Targets and such.  Once you find these people, just hand them a blanket, don't ask them if they want one, it doesn't matter, they need one, or two.

And, if you have the chance, pick up some dollar burgers at McDonalds and give them out too, some coffee as well, if you dare to care that much.   Now!  I mean it.   Go!