Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Homeless Guy's Wants And Needs

Here is a wish list of sorts, of things I could really use, or I would really like to have.  (Even homeless people dream).   This list is beyond that of "I would like a home and a good paying job, etc.

  • Sandals - leather preferably with the strap that goes behind the heal
  • Suspenders - with the metal clips
  • Bandanas
  • A bicycle
  • A trailer to pull behind the bike
  • A means of securing the trailer so that no one steals it or its contents
  • A yoga pad for under my sleeping bag
  • A one/two person tent
  • A regular mouse for my new laptop - some things I do on the laptop require a mouse
  • An iPhone
  • A fishing pole and tackle gear
  • Funding to start a homeless/street newspaper in San Diego