Friday, September 19, 2014

Anyone Can Become Homeless

Yep, that's one way of putting it.  It is kind of a short sighted and incomplete description of what happens, which may cause people to develop assumptions from that notion that aren't exactly correct, but enough people are saying it, so we should just agree and move on from there.



Yes homelessness can, in one sense, happen to anyone, but we have to consider the difference between possibility and probability in regards to this idea.   Sure, anyone could win the Powerball Lottery, but will they?   Powerball happens twice a week, so there is potential for 104 winners every year, IF they happen to pick all the right numbers - a 1 in 175,000,000 chance.  Sorry but there just aren't that many millionaires out there to think hitting the Powerball is possible. Of course, one way to assure you will never win the Powerball is to never play it.  And that's important to know.

Becoming homeless requires that certain events take place in a certain manner.  And the potential of these things to cause homelessness can be managed in such a way as to guarantee that a person will never become homeless.  No one loses money playing Powerball when they don't play it.

As long as people maintain healthy relationships with family, and friends, possess a hirable skill, and are careful with their finances, they will never become homeless - guaranteed, (barring any unforeseen acts of god or a total collapse of society - but if either of these things happen, being homeless would be the least of their worries.)

Most people in the US will never become homeless.  That is because most people possess or have access to, all the resources necessary to prevent it from happening.  Let me emphasis, "most people." There are others in our society who don't have such resources available to them, and these people are much more likely to become homeless.  Those who are under educated, those who do not possess any real job skills, those with out any base of support from family or friends, those are the people who will most likely become homeless.   And most likely they don't have those things because they suffer from mental health or addiction problems - not always, but mostly.

If you really want to help the homeless to become non-homeless, help them develop those crucial aspects of themselves, that you currently possess, and that prevent you from becoming homeless.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


UPDATE: A donation came through this morning, so I was able to have breakfast.

I may have to give it a go.  How much could I make?  What trouble would I get into?   I hate facing the public and hate getting into trouble.  It makes my anxiety go way up.   Still, homelessness is expensive.  People say, "oh but all your needs are met with homeless services."  To that I say "HA!"  Have you ever tried to get your needs met with homeless services?  Every homeless service provider should come with a general warning, "Too little, too late."

Been to McDonalds lately? Most items on their "Dollar Menu" are now a dollar and a half.   Doing a load of laundry is 5 bucks.  City buses cost 5 dollars a day.  Every time I go to some cafe or restaurant, so to use the wifi I have to buy something to justify being there for hours at a time.   Or to just have a place to sit down or to get out of inclement weather, or use the restroom.  And we all know how expensive coffee shops are, even bottled water is 2 dollars or more.  Thankfully Subway still has 5 dollar subs, (of their cheapest sandwiches - cold cuts, and salads)

Now that I have a tent and sleeping bag and other possessions, I'm not allowed to go into the library, that is, unless I leave all my stuff outside, and there's no way I'm going to do that.  My stuff would be stolen so fast.

Now that we are officially out of tourist season, the hotel rooms are the cheapest of the year.  I can find hotel rooms for as little as 45 dollars in downtown San Diego, (they also require a 50 dollar deposit, to prevent thievery and vandalism).  So, for 95 dollars I can get a room for one night, and 45 dollars for each additional night.

This reminds me, I need to get some duct-tape for my tent.  It has recently developed tears in crucial areas that must be repaired or the tent wont stand up.