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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Getting There Is Half The Fun

The transition to Wordpress is taking longer than originally expected so this blogger account may be up for a while still.   There is so much more to do to the wordpress site in preparing it for official release.  Still you can meander over there and see how things are going.  Not all links are functional yet, and some things will be deleted.   Still, I believe the wordpress blog will motivate me to improve my writing - to make it more professional - so perhaps eventually I can make some real money doing this blogging stuff.  We'll just have to wait and see.

I did recently find something that may improve my blogspot blog's standing in search engines.  We'll find out if it works in a couple days from now.                                                                    

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Homeless Guy on

This version of my blog has been archived for all time at    Just go to and put in this url into  The Way Back Machine. and you'll see things as they've been here over the past 13 years. Even the very first post I made, with its very first blog template!  This blog may be gone from here, but it will always be found somewhere on the net. To find my latest blog posts go to my new and improved "Wordpress" blog.

fyi:  I'm not sure how I'll get paypal onto wordpress, so if you've been holding off sending a donation until the right time, that right time would be now.   thanks.


In just a moment you will be transferred to my new blog at wordpress - it's new, it's better.

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Ok folks it's time for a change.   Yes, blogging in general went out of style as soon as Facebook came on the scene, but some folks like my self still like to blog and prefer it as their communication vox.  That's me.  In internet years, I are considered a dinosaur.  That's ok, I still attract 30,000+ page views every month.  And though that's nothing to sneeze at, that amount doesn't even register in the cyber landscape anymore.

And then there's Blogger, my blog's host.  It was a wonderful thing back when it was still owned by it's creators.  My blog constantly registered near the top of the first page of every search engine in the world.  But then the owners sold Blogger to Google (then went on to invent Twitter),  and Google immediately started treating Blogger like a red headed step child.  It absolutely baffles me that my blog now is buried several pages back on search engines, even though I post new material every single day, (a tactic that google says is important for page ranking), and yet there are other pages, old and static (such as 2 year old news articles) that rank above my blog.  It's almost as if there is no algorithm anymore, or google is purposely burying my blog.

So, I have to ask myself, why stick with Blogger?  It's user interface is antique and customer service is nonexistent.   Wordpress offers more.  So, in a couple weeks, maybe sooner, I'm killing all of my Google services, including Blogger and Gmail, and Youtube (and that piece of shit called Google+)

I'm keeping with Facebook and moving my blog to Wordpress.  Actually you can find that I've migrated much of my blog over to Wordpress already.

In the future I will probably open a new youtube channel, or perhaps I'll get back to podcasting.

fyi:  I'm not sure how I'll get paypal onto wordpress, so if you've been holding off sending a donation until the right time, that right time would be now.   thanks.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Housing Experts on State of Homelessness, Briefing with Actor Richard Gere

If you want to understand the current state of homelessness in the US, this is the video to watch!

Where Is Jesus

 Being a homeless person, I have seen the needs of the homeless, and I have witnessed the pitiful excuse of 'I'll pray for you" taking the place of real love so many many times. This poem speaks a great truth - perhaps a truth greater than many can handle. If Christians really were responding to the needs of the homeless then there would be no homeless in this country.   178 Million adults in the US identify as "Christian".  There is only half a million homeless people here.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Time Out Of Mind Richard Gere Movie

I have a good feeling about this movie - the preview was intriguing.  Seems like movies about homelessness don't do so well at the box office - it's a depressing subject - so for to give the movie a 70 out of 100 is a good sign.

Time Out Of Mind
Time Out Of Mind - A movie about a homeless man starring Richard Gere

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Good Days And Bad

Again, I see that my writing is lacking.  I apologize for my crappy keyboardmanship, and general lack of good grammar in my posts.  I'll try and fix the more obvious mistakes soon.  I'm still in this shelter and that's good, although Monday wasn't such a good day for me.  I don't like being jerked around by people who work at these facilities, and it seemed, Monday, that I wasn't being treated fairly by the staff.  Nothing bothers me more than being disrespected.  I go out of my way to be respectful to others.  And though I don't expect that same treatment for myself, I do want them to not be assholes towards me.  I grew up in a house full of assholes, and I'm just not gonna tolerate such behavior towards me anymore.  If I feel like I'm bing jerked around in this program I will leave it, regardless of the consequences.

Part of the process of being admitted to shelters is that they have you tested for certain communicable diseases.  Just this week I have learned that I do not have TB, HIV, or HepC.  People often get these diseases when having "fun" and I just don't have fun anymore.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


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One dollar for 4 meals? REALLY? What kind of crap are we feeding to the poor that can be bought for 25 cents per meal? Can the wealthiest nation in the world not do better?

Yes, I understand the whole deal of that money mostly being spent on the administering of donated food, but that still doesn't change the fact that this country can afford to treat people better.  Maybe we can give less donated food (99% of which is expired food, or highly processed and unhealthy food - just how much mac and cheese is healthy for a person to eat?), and instead we can buy and distribute better, healthier, and fresher food, to our nation's poor and homeless.

An Update

I've been in this shelter/program for a week and a half now, and things have noticeably improved for me here.  This is significant because I am highly critical of "programs" for the homeless, and will not tolerate staying in one that does not mean my expectations -  but this one is different in that it actually works, and it works mainly because it avoids the mistakes that other homeless programs make - of course they are avoiding those mistakes by actually paying attention to the needs of the homeless.   I've been in enough "program shelters" in my life to know that most of them aren't worth the effort. The biggest mistake that an organization can make, and that most organizations are guilty of, is thinking in terms of what they want to give to the homeless, and not considering what the homeless actually need.  Of course this requires that people in the organization actually understand homeless people and their needs.   I am always struck by those who have worked with the homeless for many years and yet they still have no clue about homelessness.

Because this program makes sense, and that the case managers are attentive and considerate, without being pushy and aggressive, and that they have a truly workable game plan, I'm going to stick with it and see where it gets me.  If all goes well, I should be in a home of my own by Thanksgiving.

My health continues to improve, but I must tell you that I was somewhat glad, at the time, that things were heading south.  I wanted relief from this perpetual homelessness, and death was as good an option as any other.  Actually it seemed like the only option.  In the past I tried killing myself, but I couldn't go through with it.  Death is scary.  and it's not like I decided I wanted to live after all, it's only that I couldn't bring myself to commit suicide.  So becoming deathly ill was the next best thing.  A blood clot to my brain or heart would have been perfect.  Now here I am, in a better mindset and feeling hopeful.  ("hopeful" is not the same as "full of hope")  I still don't know what I'll do with myself once I get a place of my own, I might become depressed all over again, though I doubt it considering I'll actually have a place here in my home town of San Diego, where I grew up.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Feeling Better

The doctor had me sit up on the examination table, and then asked me to lift my leg up on the pull out table extension.  He put his hand under my calf to help.  As soon as he touched it he said, "Whoa!"  I took that as a sign that this 60 year old doctor had never seen a leg so swollen.  Both of my legs were the same.   One of the prescriptions he gave me was to help reduce the swelling, and after 4 days it's come down a lot.  Still there are issues with my legs, some swelling and stiffness.  They are still red and radiate heat, and they are still weak.  I can't walk very far yet.   I think it has helped that I'm now able to lie down at times during the day, as well as sleeping at night..

I am also taking meds for high blood pressure, although my bp isn't really high.  It's just constantly at an elevated rate 155/110.  Thing is, it's been that way for decades, and doesn't seem to hinder my activities.  Regardless, that med as me slowed down a little.

I'll be getting some anti depression/anxiety medication soon too.  And I'll be meeting with the head of the psych dept for an evaluation soon as well, so to start up therapy again.   Abungalow on the beach would probably be enough therapy for me :) .

The end goal of this program I am now is in to get me into permanent housing of some kind.  That would be nice.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Medical Me

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One of the many requirements for getting a bed at the shelter is a TB test. Well, one thing led to another this morning at the clinic and I've had blood work done, and I'm now on a high blood pressure medication and a diuretic to hopefully reduce the swelling in my legs. This afternoon I will also get a chest Xray. California's state medical insurance is a million times better than Tennessee's, which is nearly none existent. That's probably the best reason for me to stay here in San Diego for a while.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I Am In

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When I arrived at the shelter for my one night stay on a cot, I was informed that a bed had become available and I was assigned to a permanent program bed.  I'll be able to stay in this program for up to 90 days.   There are many services available here that might help me find a permanent place to live.

Reaching The Bottom

Despite the respite I had last week, after three days back on the streets I was feeling as miserable as ever, and having a very hard time staying awake.  I can now estimate how long I sleep while in McDonalds by the amount of drool I find on my t-shirt when I wake up.   After all this time of waiting for an outreach social worker to find me on the street, I went looking for one myself.   Found Kelly McKnight who is "the" homeless outreach worker for San Diego.  I talked with her and some people from PATH.  They will allow me to have a cot in their facility tonight,  and will try to get me a permanent spot in their 3 month program.

It is interesting how different people have different thresholds for the difficulties of living on the streets.  Mine is pretty low compared to some others.  How some people can go for years on the streets without ever requesting the relief of shelter is beyond me.  They are the true survivors - although, they'd be better off not surviving without help so much.  God bless em.

Friday, August 21, 2015

A Monumental Achievement For Homeless People in Nashville

Making use of crowd sourcing, a church minister was able to raise over 50,000 dollars for the creation of a micro home village for the homeless.  Read about it at

Two Days

I'm just finishing up two days of peace and quiet, privacy and sleep.  thank you Kathy.  The timing couldn't have been better as I developed a bit of a stomach bug yesterday, which would have been hell to live with on the street.  Feeling better this morning.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


At the end of my rope, a good friend has put me up in a hotel for the next two nights.  I'll be back in a couple days.

Monday, August 17, 2015

How Homeless

Some people think that you can motivate homeless people to become regular citizens by punishing them.   But that just doesn't work.  There's nothing you can do to a homeless person that's worse than being homeless - certainly not jail.  Jail is a step up from homelessness.

Homeless people are suffering, that's because homelessness is an illness Punishment has no healing properties.  Punishing homeless people only makes people move to other areas, which is what most complainers about homelessness want.  They don't really care about ending homelessness, they just don't want homeless people near  them.What kind of sick and twisted people do you have to be to purposely make people suffer? Do we punish people for getting cancer?  No!  We actually move mountains for cancer patients so to make them as comfortable as possible. As much as possible we carry their burdens for them.  It only makes sense that we do the same for the homeless.

Every newly homeless person struggles against homelessness, and it is only after much futile struggling that they may eventually lose the desire to be a part of the larger society.  Is it any wonder, considering how society treats them?  But it is necessary for a homeless person to have that desire, if they are every going to overcome their homelessness.  So, society must reinstall that desire back into those homeless people.

Homeless people need to feel welcomed, and that they have a place in society where they are accepted for the people they are.   I'm not saying that society has to accept the bad behavior that some homeless poeple engage in.  Actually, real acceptance will motivate homeless people to behave better in society.

So, what kind of things can we do to help the homeless feel accepted, so that they rejoin society?  One thing that has worked really well is employment through selling homeless/street newspapers.  check out what happened in Nashville with The Contributor.   Or, do you operate a pet rescue?  Allow some homeless people to volunteer to do rescue work.  These days, pet programs are even being used in prisons to help reform prisoners.  Whatever it is that you do, that adds quality to your life, see if there isn't a way that homeless people can be included.