Atheism, I has it.

Here I will list the many things which cause me to conclude that there is no 'god.'  This will be a continuing project, as I'm sure it will never be complete, being that new proof and revelations about the mythology of "god" will continue to expand.

At this point, the most solid condemnation of the belief in a god comes from the very thing most people use in their attempt to prove god exists - the bible - and comparing it to the knowledge we have today.

Science has now been employed for hundreds of years, in our attempt to understand life, the universe and everything.  And it is in the application of science that we have discovered that creation is logically based. and that all that exists does so within logical parameters.

The problem is that, according to the bible, faith necessitates the belief in illogical things, and the suspension of logic when trying to make sense of all that is creation.

We are also told in the bible that god created everything, he even created creation.   Since science has taught us that everything was created logically, and exists within logical parameters, we must then admit that god is a logical god.  It would thus be illogical for god to create everything logically but then demand illogical thinking as the means of belief and faith in him.

There is nothing logical in creating an illogical system of religion.   logic disproves illogic every time.  A logically created world cannot support illogical concepts.  Actually, illogical things cannot exist by the very nature of illogicalness.

Updated: Wed Sept 10th 2014

   OK, for me the biggest problem that Christianity cannot solve, and yet is in complete denial of, is the errancy of the Bible.   There are so many contradictions, errors, and inaccuracies in the bible that it takes more than just faith to deny them all. The worst part of it is that Christians insist on the Bible being viewed as perfect.

The number one error of the Bible is also in the section describing the most important event in all Christianity - the supposed death and resurrection of Jesus.  Each of the gospel books describes the events differently, with different things taking place.   A book without error would not have different descriptions for this event.  A book that supposedly was written by god himself, a supposedly perfect being that can do no wrong, would not have variations in the accounts presented.

One book of the bible says that only a few women went to Jesus' grave to find the tomb empty, another said that several people all went together to his grave.  One book says that the tomb was still closed when people arrived, and other said the tomb was already opened when they arrived.  And the variations don't stop there, but there's no point in going on to list them all.   For a supposed all powerful being, he doesn't seem to be a very good writer/editor.

Without the Bible there is no Christianity.  So christians must insist on the use of the bible, regardless. All the more reason to declare that religion to be false.


  1. I think science actually confirms that there is a God. It's one of the main reasons I even believe at all. I guess it just depends how you interpret science, it can go either way depending on your view.

    1. You think it confirms it but you don't say how. Typical blind faith.

  2. God is all knowing and logical. We were not created all knowing, in fact we were prevented from eating of the tree of knowledge. So yes we have to have faith. Not a blind faith, but a logic based one. Just like scientist, they have a certain amount of faith with the logic they are presenting. I don't think having faith is illogical. Having a blinded faith is illogical. In reference to the Gospels, they were written by different men over centuries after it happened. Different people focus on different details, have different experiences and feel that different facts are more important than others. They are simply focusing on different women. There was a group of women, even in John 20:2 Mary Magdalene says, "...we do not know where they have laid Him." She doesn't refer to just herself, so there were others. Hope that helps. God Bless you on your journey.

  3. The "Wheel of Power" (circular reasoning) illustrates the absurdity of using the Bible to prove itself, which is all that fundamentalists really have. Do an image search for "wheel of power bible" (no quotes) to see a good graphic.

  4. Without commenting about any one particular person's beliefs (yours or mine), I would like to point out that having this post on your blog might not be the most logical thing to do while trying to help the homeless. In many situations, it is various religious groups that try to help the homeless (not always, of course). Anything that might turn even one person off from helping those in need strikes me as something that is more harmful than helpful.

    While we may have our own beliefs (or lack thereof as some may say), allowing them to possibly dissuade someone from helping the homeless in exchange for donating to a different cause seems like only letting your pride get in the way of your goals.