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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Things I Did Today

I got up at 5:15ish this morning and headed to McDonalds and a little breakfast and a lot of wifi.  A little more money has come in through paypal, so I was able to get something to eat. (thank you, kind people). While there I wrote in my blog and did all my usual internet things, facebook and more facebook, and checking mail and blog comments.  Once the laptop battery was exhausted I headed down to the YMCA where I keep a locker with my clothes in it.  I grabbed everything piece of clothing I had and made my way to a laundromat, and did a load of laundry.  Not to be too gross, but I hadn't worn anything clean in a week.   After laundry I took my clothes back to the locker and took a shower.  I tell ya, there's nothing quite as nice has having clean clothes on a clean body, especially when you're homeless.  It is hard to relax when homeless, but have clean clothes, etc., does help in that regard.  (thanks again to the people who sent money, so that I could do laundry).   Then I rode the bus back to the East Village and have been sitting in a cafe ever since, doing even more internet stuff.  But I'm done with all that and I still have about 3 hours left before I head back to my sleeping area.  Now, what should I do for the next three hours?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Whats Up?

Ok, so I've been having lots of changes - transitions taking place in my life, in the past month. Time to review and revise just about everything. I have now been in a place of my own for a month, after 3 years of homelessness. My kids are growing up fast. My relationship with my ex-wife seems to be on the mends - we just might end up being friends after all. I've been blogging less, and spending more time having more direction connection with people via I have made a small purchase of land in Second Life, and have started a group dedicated to creating avenues of communication between homeless people and the rest of the world. And I hope you'll join the group once you've joined Second Life. Of course please use my Second Life name, Rez Messing, as a referral so that I can get credit for bringing you aboard. Once in Second Life, so a people search for "Rez Messing," or group search under "homeless," to find me and my group in-world. I believe communcation between you and I will work out much better that way, instead of via blog posts and emails. And yes, I am in-world a lot.

On top of all that, I'm getting back into Associated Content. Where I will be sending most of my writing - cause they will pay me for it. They don't pay much, but if I do a lot of writing, mostly on subjects other than homelessness, then I should be able to at least pay some of my bills that way. Still, I am dependent to and extent on donations from the blog. So, if you feel like supporting my causes, please don't hesitate to do so - you can click on the donation button in the right hand column and use your credit card, or paypal account. And please visit my Associated Content page and read my articles. The more people read my writing, the more AC will pay me. So, for goodness sakes, click away.