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Friday, June 6, 2014

Homeless Sleep Routine

I was able to get a few hours sleep last night.  Still, I need to find a way to get more rest - I must find a place where I can nap a little during the day.  Last night I returned to the same place I've been sleeping since I started this.  My exact spot from the previous night was taken by someone else, but just a few feet away was a good place to bed down.

As per usual, there was some foot traffic through the night, and some noise - people arguing and some construction on the trolley tracks - but it was far enough away to be a little consequence.  I'm able to fall asleep faster with each night.  I place my backpack up against a wall and position it so to use as a pillow.  Then I unroll my sleeping bag in alignment with the backpack. I unzip the bag about half way and slide in with my shoes on. Once in the sleeping bag I take off my shoes.  This assures that no one will walk off with my shoes while I sleep - since they are at the bottom of my sleeping bag.  I zip up the bag all the way.  I then rearrange all the items in my pockets so that I am not sleeping on them - wallet, coins, ear buds, etc  I lay on my side and begin to relax. Still there is pain in my hip where it makes contact with the concrete ground.  I lean either a little forward or a little back to alleviate it.  Sure it is more comfortable to lay on my back, but I feel less safe that way.  I then put my hat on top of my face to block the street lights from my eyes.

I am completely broke until next month's check arrives, so additional items to help me sleep will have to wait. Before I start collecting more possessions, I need to get a cart of some kind in which to lug them around.  I will also need a way to pull that cart around.  My ultimate plan is to have a bicycle with a cart attached to the back of it.  The cart must be such that I can secure the items in it with a lock.  Otherwise people will surely steal its contents.  But all this will have to wait until July. Ah but then I'll be able to travel around the city, perhaps to the park, set up the tent and grab some shut eye in the middle of the day, when it's needed.

With no money, it's going to be a long 24 days. I have gotten used to eating at fast food restaurants with the money I get from disability.  I won't be able to do that soon.  I think I have a about 30 bucks to last the rest of the month.  This will force me to seek out homeless feedings.  I need to learn about those anyway.  The experience will give me something to write about.  Still, if you'd like to help alleviate some of this burden,  please feel free to click on my donation button and send a little money. I would certainly appreciate it.

the nods are coming back.  I need to go for a walk.                                                

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I've Raised $600 $700 So Far

Could you help me get the rest of the way there?
Something like this - click the pic.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

No Laptop No Life

Please, Good people of the Internets and beyond. What a horrible thing it is to be without a laptop. Since my laptop was stolen Sunday night, I've been gaining internet access only through the public library, on their very restricted computers, being allowed only one hour at a time, and having to compete with many others to get that one hour.

My computer is my life - yes, I had no life before computers - to be sure. It was access to the internet that has allowed me to overcome so much of my social anxieties. And still, most of my socializing is done via the net.

And my life's work, that of being an advocate, telling the world about homelessness, is something I can only do online. I don't have much value to society outside of it.

Since I began blogging, some 5 years ago, I have enjoyed the generous support of my readers - as they have graciously donated laptops to me when I was in need. As they upgraded, they have passed on their old one's to me - four laptops in the past five years. Yes, I am very happy to get any ol' hand-me-down.

The last computer I had was strong enough that I was able to access the virtual world of I was instantly amazed with SecondLife's potential, especially as vehicle for change in real life. It lends itself so well to educational and informational uses. Even the Nashville Library system can be accessed via SecondLife. I'm sure it won't be long before SecondLife is as popular as MySpace. It would be good to get established there, before their real population explosion hits, which I think is still yet to come.

The types of laptop computers that can handle SecondLife are faster than normal, and are then usually more expensive. That is why I believe I'll have to purchase my next laptop - as I'm uncertain that anyone would just give away such an item - even to a homeless advocate.

So I'm asking, really I'm begging, for support, for donations, for any help at all at raising the funds necessary for me to get back online, and get back to my advocacy work.

The kind of laptop I need, new, would cost between $1500 and $3000. Gee, that does sound like a lot. But I'm hoping, really really hoping, and crossing my fingers, etc, that I do have enough social clout with people on the internet to raise enough, in a short period, so to get a laptop. My blog enjoys over 10,000 readers a month. If just 10 percent of those people sent in 3 dollars each, I'd be able to get it.

Trust me, I really don't like begging, or cyber panhandling, or whatever you would call it. But I'm really desperate for this cause, and so am willing to abase myself in this manner, to make it happen.

You can send donations by clicking on the donation button on the righthand column. And you don't even need a PayPal account anymore, a credit card will work just as well now.

thank you for putting up with my pleas for help, and thank you for helping.


Saturday, February 23, 2008


From time to time people ask me what they can do to help. They ask me if there is anything I need, or could use. In reply to these types of inquires, I put a "donation" button on my blog. It connects people to my Paypal account that I created for this very reason.

Some people take issue with me doing this. To these people, because I am homeless, I have no right to do this, as other bloggers do. Many other websites, and blogs, have donation buttons. Yet I can't imagine anyone telling the owners of those websites, that they shouldn't ask for donations. Evidently, I'm not worthy.

Well, there's not much I can do about that. Some people will find anything to complain about. And everyone, and everything, has its critics. It is very telling, though, the state of mind of some people, their lack of compassion, lack of generosity, lack of forgiveness. There are some ugly people in this world.

As always, I use the donations that come my way, to help alleviate the pain and other difficulties of being homeless. Donations allow me to buy new shoes when my old ones wear out. They allow me to have coffee at some coffee shop, so that I can get out the cold in the early morning hours, or to have a place to go to, like a 24hr coffee shop, when I can't get into a shelter. They allow me to buy food that is more nutritious than normally received at the rescue mission. And I do share donations with other homeless people, so that they too can have some relief. One homeless friend of mine writes letters to his family, cause he doesn't like computers, and so, when I can, I buy him envelopes and stamps. Another homeless buys me coffee when I can't afford any, and so I return the favor, when I have money from donations. etc., etc.

Just how much money does a person spend on magazines and newspapers and books, for information and entertainment? Here you can read all you want for free. I just ask that, if my writing here has benefited you in any way, that you consider returning the benefit in some way. If you'd rather not send a donation through Paypal, you could still send something by regular mail. The address is in my profile.

Certainly, I would not have been able to survive this life as well as I have, if it was not for the very kind people who have helped me along the way. To them all I am very grateful.