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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Homeless Terms To Know - Faith Based

“Faith Based” is the term used to designate any homeless service provider that is associated with a religion.

Fundamentalist Christians are known for operating rescue missions.

Catholics have St Vincent DePaul centers and a variety of services under the name of Ladies of Charity.   

The Salvation Army is also a Christian faith based organization.   

Those are the largest and most well known organizations, but there are many other faith based homeless service providers.  Some of these organizations require the homeless to participate in religious activities in exchange for services, but not all.

Faith-based groups provide the vast majority of homeless services in the United States, but in recent years the effectiveness of faith based organizations to end homelessness has been called into question.  A shift away from the faith-based paradigms is currently underway, moving services toward more scientific, evidence based, approach to dealing with homelessness.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Homeless Terms To Know - Shelters

Shelters are facilities where the homeless are allowed to sleep during the night.

Shelters come in a wide variety sizes and types, each with it's own particular style of operation and organization.  (It should also be noted that "day shelters" are not usually referred to as "shelters" as sleeping is not normally allowed in them.)

The number of nights a person can stay at a shelter varies depending on the rules and policies of the shelter.   Some shelters allow people to stay for only a few days, other shelters allow people to stay indefinitely.

Some shelters require people to be sober, so to be allowed in, but not all have this requirement.  Still, all people must behave themselves while in shelters or face removal from the facility.

Some faith based shelters require everyone to attend religious services in exchange for shelter services.

Some shelters also provide food and clothing and minimal health care services.

Some shelters allow the homeless to remain in the facility during the day, while other require people to leave by a certain time in the morning and will not allow people to return to the facility until a certain time in the evening.

And some shelters offer other necessary services, job readiness, education, mail, case management, showers etc.

It should be noted that there is serious need for shelters which allow people to sleep during the day, so that they may take advantage of night and evening employment.   I have not heard of any shelter that offers this service.

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