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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Why Homeless People Are Fat

This picture says it all -

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Best Food For Homeless People

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What is the best food to feed to homeless people?

At first is sounds like an odd question, perhaps even a bit rude.   But then considering the conditions in which homeless people live, there are some things that should be taken into account.

The Food Pyramid is the best place to start.   Fruits and vegetables, the natural foods rich in vitamins and minerals, are most needed.  Meat and bread, not so much.   But this is all common sense.

Homeless people are humans!

LOL, yes, it is a silly statement, but you'd be surprised by the number of people who think of the homeless as something less. But, when it comes to food, what is healthy for one human is more than likely healthy for all humans. AND health concerns are equally represented in the homeless population.

There are some special dietary needs of the homeless that people feeding the homeless should consider.
  • Hydration - More than anything else, homeless people need water, and plenty of it.  The usual drinks, coffee, beer, colas, etc., are all diuretics, meaning that they dehydrate people.   Forget the sodas and energy drinks and caffeine and stick with good ol' water, especially in hot weather. (reusable bottles are best)
  • Soft foods are preferred - Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that homeless people have little access to good dental care, and because of this their teeth are not in the best shape.  Many homeless are missing teeth, and what few remain are broken jagged remnants. Foods that are hard, or require a lot of chewing, are often passed over by the homeless.
  • Vitamin B12 - Alcoholism causes vitamin deficiencies, most especially vitamin B12, a lack of which can cause serious brain damage. Other deficiencies caused by alcoholism are, Folate, Vitamin A, and Calcium.  Foods high in these vitamins are best for homeless people.
  • Conveniency - If you do not have a kitchen and dining facility in which to properly prepare and serve food, it is best to make the food as travel friendly as possible.   Canned and processed foods are unhealthy, but they can be easily carried in backpacks.  Also, considering that homeless people do not have proper storage facilities (no pantry or refrigerator), it is best to not overload the homeless with too much food.  The food will likely go bad before it is consumed and will be wasted.
  • Availability - Funding is a major consideration when feeding the homeless.  The cost of food must be weighed against the number of people being served.   This makes it all the more important to be creative in developing food sources, and you might be surprised at who would be willing to donate food and other goods to your project.   Grocery stores are often willing to donate fruits and vegetables that are still good but have cycled out, bakeries often donate day old bread, even Starbucks has been known to donate unsold pastries and coffee beans, etc. 
Independent groups and individuals wanting to feed the homeless should be warned about one thing in particular.   More and more cities are requiring that people use codes-approved facilities that have been inspected by the city, in preparing the food that is served.   If you set up in a city park or on a sidewalk near where the homeless congregate, expect to receive a visit from the police.   Even if you have not broken any laws, the police may attempt to intimidate you, to get you to stop feeding the homeless.   There is a misguided belief that feeding homeless people actually creates homelessness.  Of course this isn't true, but that won't stop the police from trying to shut down your feeding program.  THE MORE COMMUNITY AND POLITICAL SUPPORT YOU ARE ABLE TO GENERATE FOR YOUR WORK WITH THE HOMELESS, THE LESS LIKELY THE POLICE, OR OTHERS, WILL BOTHER YOU.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Jesus Bribes The Homeless

I'm sure we are all aware of that story in the bible where Jesus told a group of homeless people, "I will feed you so to meet your physical needs, but first you must listen to me preach."

What's that you say?  Jesus never said such a thing?  Are you sure?  I mean, come on, nearly every Christian group uses food and other services as a way of manipulating the homeless into participating in religious practices and listening to them proselytize.

Food, clothing, and even shelter are dangled in front of the homeless, like a carrot in front of a donkey.  Why would Christians do such demeaning things to the homeless unless they were instructed to do so by Jesus?  Why are Christians so condescending towards the homeless?   It doesn't make sense in light of what is actually written in the bible.

Giving an example of a good neighbor, Jesus told the story of the Samaritan.   The Samaritan found a man on the side of the road, beaten and injured, half naked, and robbed of his possessions.  The Samaritan tended to the man's wounds, clothed him, carried the man to a place where he could rest, and even went so far as to pay the inn keeper in advance for the injured man's care - until such time as the man was healed and able to fend for himself again.   Not once in the story does the Good Samaritan preach to the injured man.  Not once does he require the man to learn of or participate in the Samaritan's religion.  Never does the Samaritan obligate the man in any way for the kindness he has given.

In another part of the New Testament followers are told to "give to those who ask and do not turn away from anyone who would borrow from you."

and, "Give to those who ask and expect nothing in return."

Why, dear Christians, do you insist that the homeless subjugate themselves to your religion when you provide for them?   Truly, by doing so you distort the gospel and render it meaningless.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Hello, Anyone Home???

Ok folks. It's been a month now, that I've been off the streets !!!!!

YAY !!!

They say that if you do anything every day for more than 21 days that it becomes habit. Well, lets hope this habit sticks - this habit of having a home.

I'm pretty much adjusted to it now. There is always that period after leaving homelessness, when a person feels a bit depressed and actually misses the old ways, but I've now passed that, and am feeling pretty good.

I sent an article to Associated Content for possible payment. Hopefully they will accept it. And will pay me for it. The last time I submitted an article to AC, they declined it. That was a downer, and I gave up on them. Well, as I most definitely need to make money to maintain my place, I have to keep working with AC and make it happen, whatever it takes. As I have taken on more, I am obliged to raise a minimum of $200 a month, just to make it through to the next month. It can happen. I know of others who have made that much money with AC. Getting enough food to eat for the month is another story.

I've tried with before, with limited success, but it would be worth another try. I'm declaring June as "take-a-homeless-person-to-lunch month". Anyone wishing to take me out to lunch may do so. In exchange I offer my witty repartee, and sincere appreciation. I would also like to hold a food drive on my behalf. Canned goods are good. Parishables and non-parishables are welcomed. Anything you've got in the pantry that you probably won't eat, I'll take it. Just email me and we'll arrange delivery. thanks.

You can still find me most days logged into Second Life as "Rez Messing." Come by and say hello. I'm always up for a visit. We can talk about whatever.