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Friday, May 23, 2014

My New Laptop

Just thought I'd show you the Macbook Air 11 that I was able to get because of your wonderful generosity.   Thank you, again, so much!  I am currently in the San Diego Central Library, working on new plans for the blog. :)

Friday, April 25, 2014

More Thanks!

UPDATE: We reached the goal (yay) and I now have a new laptop, one that should serve the purposes of this blog for years to come. I am humbled, and grateful. Now that the laptop issue is out of the way, why not check out all the coolness which is this blog :)  click >>

 We are more than 3/4ths the way to the goal! To those who have donated to my laptop cause, I want to thank you all.  Your support means more to me than you know. I understand that Fundly does generate some mass emailings, and I hope they were not too much of a bother.

Still, nearly all the donations I received came from emails. (At least with emails, you phone doesn't ring in the middle of dinner!) I have found the laptop I want and will be ordering it once the goal is reached - and that won't be too much longer as we are now more than 75% there! Big changes are coming in the homelessness industry, and I have more hope than ever that homelessness, as we know it today, will soon be a thing of the past.

I'm hopeful that with all of our efforts we'll see this change come to pass in my lifetime. I've only got about 20 good years left in me, so we better get things going now! With my most sincere appreciation, Kevin  
See the new laptop at:

Friday, April 25, 2008


Everything that needs to be done - everything I'm supposed to do, my case manager is supposed to do, everything HUD is supposed to do, everything that is supposed to do - scratch that.

Everything is in order as far as I know. The very last thing to happen is that HUD is supposed to inspect the unit to make sure it's up to codes. Once the unit is given the OK, I am allowed to move in. The same day even. I was told that the unit was inspected yesterday morning. All day yesterday I waited for a call from my case manager, or from (the people in charge of the reality), telling to go get the key to the place.

I received my laptop two days ago and stayed up all night working on it. Then I was told about the inspection being done, and expected to move in yesterday. Again, I never got the call. So, I had my laptop with me and didn't want to take it with me to the mission, so I stayed all night again last night (yep, that's two nights in a row without sleep).

If I don't get the call today, to get the key to my apartment unit, I will have to wait until Monday. That's three more nights of staying at the mission. I REALLY DON'T WANT to stay at the mission, especially if there is another place waiting for me to move in. And what about my laptop? I'll have to entrust it with someone (more than likely my case manager (she is trustworthy). And won't have the laptop again until Monday as well.

What in the world could be holding things up? Worst of all, I'm getting absolutely no communication from anyone about what I actually happening.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I am posting this via my new laptop. I pulled it from the "scratched and dented" pile at Dell. But it looks and works like it's brand spankin' new! Again, my thanks to all you nice folks who made this happen.

Yes, I will be up all night playing with it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

My Current Status: Homeless

I am currently homeless, but rumour has it I will have housing - a place off the streets - in a couple weeks. This is one of those grey areas of homelessness, as I am no longer on the street, but it's not really my home either. The majority of my rent will be paid by others. Well, there are many people who live in places that are paid for by others - housewives, children, elderly - so it's hard to pin down. Is this just a form of couch surfing? Being able to live independently isn't necessarily the cure to homelessness. There is no definitive answer to the question "what is homelessness."

Since the winter shelter program, Room In The Inn, closed its doors for the season - 21 days ago, I have lost 10 pounds.

I just checked my Dell account, and it tells me my laptop has been shipped. Only a couple days, then, till it arrives and I'm connected again.

My son graduates from high school next month. I will do all I can to attend the ceremony. If for any reason I miss it, I want him to know that I am very proud of him, and how his life is turning out. It looks like he's got a good start going for himself.

My daughter, of age 14, isn't doing so bad either. My love goes out to both of them.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Since You Asked

On my laptop I have Windows XP
my hard drive: 250 GB SATA 5400RPM
and: 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM 667MHz (2 DIMMs)

Also, when I write on a particular subject, usually something has happened recently which triggers the post, but for the sake of other people's privacy, I try not to mention any particulars. Sometimes I wonder about that, if it's such a good policy, and if some people are really deserving of such treatment. But, if I do have an opinion on any particular subject, it's because I've dealt with it on more than one occasion over the years, and have developed an opinion, one way or the other, on the subject at hand.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Laptop I Ordered

This is the laptop I ordered:

Dell Vostro 1700 - a 17 inch wide screen - WOW!
Intel Core Duo T7250 cpu - ZOOM!
256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT POW!

It should arrive in 3 to 5 working days - too bad we are now into the weekend. I can't wait!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Good Morning Monday

For the past three days we, here in Nashville, have been experiencing near freezing temperatures in the mornings, with highs in the 40s. It happens like this almost every year. We have a warming trend, and it becomes too much to carry around my big jacket that kept me warm during the winter, and so I ditch the jacket. Then we have another cold snap and I end up running around town in t-shirts. Currently, I have 3 t-shirts on. Tomorrow, it will start warming up again, with a high in the 60s, and 70s for the rest of the week. I'll just have to grin and bear the cold for one more day. Oh, and this cold snap has really driven the homeless to the shelter of the rescue mission. I'm glad I went down there early to sign up for a bed - even then I had to cut in the line to make sure I got a bed assignment - doing so is not something I'm proud of, but it was a necessity. Many Many people had to sit up in the dayroom all night.

Oddly, I didn't have any emails waiting for me this morning. Then I remembered that I haven't made an offical post to my blog in a while. I've made changes and additions to it, but those don't get registered by search engine bots - just the posts do. Readership has also dropped off too - for the same reason. Looks like lots of people are using RSS readers now, and they don't bother to visit websites if they don't first pop up in their readers. Well, and Google still doesn't recognize my blog under the keyword "homeless." Which is odd because for the longest time, I enjoyed the number 5 spot on the front page of that search. That was when I blogged with blogspot. But when I moved over to WordPress, suddenly everything changed - at least with Google. With Yahoo, I'm still on the front page of that keyword search. Seems like Google is just being vengeful. When I did switch to WordPress, I did have some unkind things to say about Blogger - which Google owns. Could that be the reason? Most of those readers I've lost were lookie-loos anyway, but still, it effects my daily readership numbers by a couple hundred.

One person has offered me a laptop. It's an older one, and I suspect I won't be able to run on it, but at least I've have access to the internet. I've recently read that most laptops cannot be upgraded with the types of videocards necessary to run That is because of the space constraints with the laptops themselves. Those gaming video cards are bigger than the average ones used.

So, I'm still looking buy a better laptop Een used, the kind of laptop I really need would cost over a thousand dollars. So, I'll still be fund raising till I get enough. I apologize if my requests for money are annoying, but I don't have any other way to raise the funds necessary. I've been shopping around quite a bit, and think I can get what I need for about $1200 to $1500.

My deepest thanks to all you who have donated to this cause, and to all you who will be donating soon.

Friday, April 11, 2008

More Questions About Laptop Security

I am most tempted to use a Dell computer because they are based here in Nashville, and so service is quick, and fairly reliable.

At the rescue mission, there are lockers that a person can rent, but there are a couple issues with them. First, the lockers must be rented, and though they are fairly cheap, I do not always have money to pay the monthly rent. And if you don't pay the rent, you will be evicted from the locker and your things will be thrown away. I have had a locker at the mission in the past, a couple times, and that has happened each time. Also, many people have complained that someone has been getting into their lockers and taking things. I don't think that ever happened to me, but mission staff and certain program men can get access to the lockers whenever they want to.

The mission also, does not allow anything to be locked onto the property, onto fences, or whatever. Even people with bicycles are not allowed to chain them up anywhere, and there are no bike racks available. Given the potential for theft, many homeless who may have an opportunity to get a bicycle opt not to, because of the risk. I personally don't understand why the mission does not provide bike racks. There is plenty of space in the parking lot to have them. And as for transportation for the poor, you can't beat a bike. So many jobs available to homeless people are not on bus routes, and are some distance from the mission, and so bikes would be the perfect solution to that. As I know that the rescue mission administration reads this blog, (Hi Don) I hope they reevaluate their current policy of bikes. Heck, if I knew I could safely lock up a bike, I'd get one myself.

So, of course, if they won't let people lock up bikes on the property, they certainly would not let me lock up my laptop to the building either.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I've Raised $600 $700 So Far

Could you help me get the rest of the way there?
Something like this - click the pic.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

No Laptop No Life

Please, Good people of the Internets and beyond. What a horrible thing it is to be without a laptop. Since my laptop was stolen Sunday night, I've been gaining internet access only through the public library, on their very restricted computers, being allowed only one hour at a time, and having to compete with many others to get that one hour.

My computer is my life - yes, I had no life before computers - to be sure. It was access to the internet that has allowed me to overcome so much of my social anxieties. And still, most of my socializing is done via the net.

And my life's work, that of being an advocate, telling the world about homelessness, is something I can only do online. I don't have much value to society outside of it.

Since I began blogging, some 5 years ago, I have enjoyed the generous support of my readers - as they have graciously donated laptops to me when I was in need. As they upgraded, they have passed on their old one's to me - four laptops in the past five years. Yes, I am very happy to get any ol' hand-me-down.

The last computer I had was strong enough that I was able to access the virtual world of I was instantly amazed with SecondLife's potential, especially as vehicle for change in real life. It lends itself so well to educational and informational uses. Even the Nashville Library system can be accessed via SecondLife. I'm sure it won't be long before SecondLife is as popular as MySpace. It would be good to get established there, before their real population explosion hits, which I think is still yet to come.

The types of laptop computers that can handle SecondLife are faster than normal, and are then usually more expensive. That is why I believe I'll have to purchase my next laptop - as I'm uncertain that anyone would just give away such an item - even to a homeless advocate.

So I'm asking, really I'm begging, for support, for donations, for any help at all at raising the funds necessary for me to get back online, and get back to my advocacy work.

The kind of laptop I need, new, would cost between $1500 and $3000. Gee, that does sound like a lot. But I'm hoping, really really hoping, and crossing my fingers, etc, that I do have enough social clout with people on the internet to raise enough, in a short period, so to get a laptop. My blog enjoys over 10,000 readers a month. If just 10 percent of those people sent in 3 dollars each, I'd be able to get it.

Trust me, I really don't like begging, or cyber panhandling, or whatever you would call it. But I'm really desperate for this cause, and so am willing to abase myself in this manner, to make it happen.

You can send donations by clicking on the donation button on the righthand column. And you don't even need a PayPal account anymore, a credit card will work just as well now.

thank you for putting up with my pleas for help, and thank you for helping.


Monday, April 7, 2008

There is nothing worse than nothing

And so it happens. Last night, while I ate dinner at the rescue mission, someone took off with my backpack. It is a requirement that people leave their packs outside the mission when going inside - this leaves personal items very vulnerable to theft, obviously.

I am now left with nothing but the clothes on my back. Everything else is gone, including my laptop. I am back to accessing the internet via the library.

Yes, this is a major setback.

It's been a week of setbacks. Full of promise, with my new case manager, only to be turned back at every attempt at finding housing. Even the best opportunity for housing is at least a month away.

It's not like this is the first time this has happened. I've made many other attempts at improving my lot in life, only to be sent back to ground zero. Sometimes it feels like there's no getting out of this hole.

You bet, I'm back to looking for another laptop. If you, or someone you know, has recently upgraded to a new laptop, and have not yet decided what to do with there older one, please consider donating it to my cause. I'm especially in need of a computer that can run - I had begun building a non-profit with the hopes of doing more homeless advocacy there.

You can most easily contact me via email at thehomelessguy AT gmail DOT com.