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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Exactly What I Need To Get Off The Streets For Good.

OK, now I'm going to explain what it is I need so to get out of homelessness.  It's very basic, everyone with a 4th grade education or higher will be able to follow along.

I need these things because I do not have the capacity to do these things for myself.  Now, some people might pass judgment on me negatively for these short comings. But this isn't about me, it's about what it will take to get me off the streets.  What you may think I "deserve" is beside the point.

I am in need, first off, of a person willing to take up my case.  Yes, a case manager.  But even more than a case manager.   Nearly all case managers are desk jockeys, they work in their offices and expect their clients to come in to talk, and then leave with instructions to follow.  I am unable to do that.  What the case manager thinks I should do, I need the case manager to do it for me.  Instead of me going around town filling out applications for apartments, I need a case manager to find an apartment where I will be accepted, given my certain issues.   The case manager would work as my advocate, discussing my issues with the apartment management and convince them to take me on, regardless of any deficiencies I have.   This apartment will also have to be within a price range that I can afford.

Then my case manager will have to help me make arrangements to pay my rent each and every month - being certain that this money does not reach my hands. (I get a disability check each month.) I understand budgets, I am just unable to maintain them.  I am known for being capricious.  I get easily distracted and can end up on a bad path, one where I end up without enough money to pay rent.  What little money I have left after rent is paid I'll just use for food and other necessities as they develop.

That's all I need really, someone to hook me up with some place I can afford, and to make arrangements for that place to be paid for - the more I am not a part of that process the better.

It's easy enough, don't ya think?  Who wants to end my homelessness?

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Last Ultimatum

I just received a letter from my landlord today. Looks like they're really serious this time. I need to give them $925 or they will evict. That amount seems high, considering I have made payments.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


My upcoming rent bill has been covered. Thanks for all your concern.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Should I Title Every Post "Homeless"?

Finally, I see my blog, of the blog*spot variety, the one you are now reading, has finally appeared on Google's search engine - currently in the 5th slot on the second page. Perhaps now I'll start working up the chart again. It would be nice to be back on the first page. (It's not an ego or vanity thing, I assure you ;0)

I received an email confirmation from Dell that my laptop did in fact ship yesterday. Being that Dell is located in Nashville, it shouldn't take too long - Dell has a plant somewhere in Texas too, don't they?

Lots of homeless people have come down with a cough or the sniffles the past couple days, it could be a new cold bug making the rounds, or it could be Spring time allergies. There are holes in some of the shower areas in the mission with LOTS of mold showing. At least the mission has made toilet paper more accessible. A could days ago, several of those large paper roll dispensers were mounted onto the walls near the toilets - the dispensers were removed from the actual stalls shorty after the mission opened. Some homeless people are not very responsible with the supply of TP and so ruin it for the rest of us.

One thing that happened "to" me as a result of living in the rescue mission, is that I was exposed to TB, and now have the germ in me. I don't have active TB, but I always test positive. And yes, I tested positive many years ago. I tried getting on the medication for it, but could not keep up with the pills. Now that I will soon be in a more stable place, and have a case manager who is always on my case, I should be able to keep up with the program.

As I should be getting into a place, and though the rent will be subsidized, I will still be responsible for $150 a month. I will attempt to get part time work, but that is still an iffy thing. There are many ways to earn money on, but from what I've read, only 2 percent of the total population of SecondLife earn a positive flow income every month. Still, I'll have lots of time to dedicate to learning the ins and outs of SecondLife - more than most people - so, I'm going to give it a shot. But I'll still have to depend on Paypal donations for a while.

There is a way to make subscription style donations through Paypal - like a magazine subscription, as you set it up once to make monthly donations. I've not done that before - we'll have to just see how that goes.