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Monday, June 9, 2014

Homeless Monday Update

Ok, I've been cement surfing for a full week now.   And it's been rough.  In the UK they actually call it "sleeping rough".  They may be on to something there. It seems to be the most accurate terminology for the event.  In the U.S. when people do recreational camping, they often refer to it as
"roughing it".  Right now the closest terminology in the U.S. is "sleeping out".   The urban dictionary calls it "cement surfing" (because I put that definition in there).

My cold doesn't seem to be so bad this morning, thankfully.  Last night I did get some generic Sudafed to take.  I had a few left over from the last time I was sick, back when I was cement surfing before getting into the tent, but those didn't last very long.  I for that, I am now officially out of money until next month's check.  I may try my hand at panhandling.  Since people are going to be giving to panhandlers anyway, might as well get my share of it.  At least I'll put it towards things like food and  laundry.

Although things are a bit dire I'm still smiling.  Why am I happy? you might ask.  Well I'll tell you.  There are few things that give me as much satisfaction as the success of my blog.   It's the one thing that I can say I created by myself that actually became something good.  It's not so easy having a successful blog, especially these days.   Most people have their noses stuck in Facebook and they rarely venture away from it.   But why am I smiling today?  Well, the blog's readership numbers are again sky rocketing.  That, and I'm starting to get hate mail again.   I've learned over time that there are certain types of blog posts that get the most attention, and I've been writing more of those.   A month ago I was averaging only 800 page views a day, but this past week I've been averaging 1200 page views per day.  And, at the same time the amount of hate mail I get is increasing.

I no longer pay attention to the hate mail, it's all the same - has been the same drivel since the beginning of the blog.  And I'm more thick skinned. That kind of mail used to bother me, and for it I would change what I wrote.  Of course then my readership would drop.  Well, no more of that.  I'm going to continue writing in the same fashion, regardless.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Am Sick And Tired

The symptoms came on slowly for a couple days.  Now it's a full blown cold.  My nasal passages are stuffed.  I've been taking a generic sudafed.  But even my ears seem congested - I can hear the hollowness of my own head.

Every night there is a cold breeze blowing in from the ocean.  Even while in the sleeping bag, the top of my head is exposed to that cold breeze and it's really uncomfortable.

Then there's the issue of sleeping outside.  Even though it seems like I'm getting the same amount of sleep that I was in the tent, I always wake up feeling like I didn't get any sleep at all.  And the nods are on me.  Working on the laptop, I'm very susceptible to nodding off - bobble-head style.   I almost missed my trolley stop today cause I fell asleep while riding along.  I was riding the trolley to the Y so to get a shower.  The shower always wakes me up some and that's good.  But I've been sleeping on the sidewalk for a week now and it's sapping my strength.   This really isn't a surprise, it happens to almost everyone when they are homeless, it even happens to me when I'm in certain shelters.   The productivity of my sleep is near zero.  Not only am I sleepy, but I don't have much strength either.

Sometimes you'll see homeless people laying about in the middle of the day. You might be inclined to call them lazy, but really, being homeless is punishing, even brutal, sometimes.  More than likely, those people are just suffering from sleep deprivation.  There is no need to hate on them. It really isn't enough to sleep on the streets if you are uncomfortable, or are worried and stressed.  No one can completely relax while on the streets, especially when trying to sleep.  I'm sure that makes the sleep less than productive.  One's body doesn't get a chance to regenerate from the toils of the previous day.

Being tired isn't going to help me overcome my cold any.   I will be going to my sleeping spot a couple hours earlier tonight, hopefully that will help some.  Being that it's Sunday night it should will be quiet around the place.   Last night it was pretty obvious when all the clubs closed down for the night.   The revelers all left the downtown area at the same time, being loud and obnoxious along the way. Many of them walk down the street where the homeless sleep.

Oh, and speaking of obnoxious.    I've noticed that the trolley drivers like to blow their horns as they travel through the area where the homeless sleep - even when there really is no cause to be blowing their horns.   As if the trolleys themselves aren't big noise generators.   The tracks rattle and the ground rumbles as they pass.   The horn is just adding insult to injury.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sick Old Homeless Man

The man was vomiting up a thick dark brown liquid that looked like used motor oil. It was all over him and all over the sidewalk. He was very physically weak and took him a bit to roll over and put the pillow under his head. I asked him if he wanted me to call an ambulance. He said no.